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Voila Tour – “A French Cabaret Night” Dinner & Concert

Robin Miller – Piano

Robin's soothing music makes the heavenly realms accessible to the earthbound and transports us to a tranquil world free of worry and struggles.
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  • Voila Tour “A French Cabaret Night”
  • Dinner & Concert $85 per person
  • When: Thursday, April 6th, 2017
  • Time: 6:00pm Dinner
  • 7:30pm Concert begins

What a better place in Sedona to host such an event than Sound Bites Grill Celebrity Show Room. Its fine cuisine and live music quality are highly reputed throughout the USA!

A French inspired dinner and a selection of French wines will get you into the mood before the Voilagers cabaret style concert begins.

From Piaf to Gypsy Jazz, from Montand to harmonica Melodies, from Pop to Blues, this night will sure be an easy and pleasant way to go to France… In uptown Sedona! Take a look at the awesome performers for the evening in Paris…

Wanna feel like Paris?

Belen & JoBelen-10

Belen la Parisienne will impress you at first glance by her elegance but very quickly you will be charmed by her ability not to take herself too seriously! She exudes a mixture of sensuality and cheekiness, reminiscent of Parisian cabaret and of the atmosphere of French side walk cafés. Whether she sings own songs or classic Edith Piaf or Brigitte Bardot, you will be conquered.Jo-3

Jonathan Malnoury accompanies Belen on the guitar and voice. Jo is a high level talented musician. During Voilà Tour he will also perform on the oboe in his new-fashioned own style. “Oboe Jo” compositions will match so well with Sedona Spirit!

Take a magic trip to a south of France!


CadiJo lives in Bordeaux. He is a singer and an exceptional harmonica player.
His work has been recognized by an Award at the Harmonica Hohner’s Trophy.CadiJo

This multi-faceted artist moves easily from the Blues to the Gypsy Jazz,  passing through the French standards. You will really enjoy his own poetic compositions and his touch of humor! His personality, talent and wide repertory create a real spark with the audience…

Listen to “The Voice France”!

Fanny Melili

Fanny Melili was discovered in the TV show The Voice France. (2 times more than 9 million people watching!) Just like she conquered the Jury, she will charm you with her voice and her stage presencefanny-melili

Fanny sings her own original songs, in a mix of French pop, Rock and Folk style, in both language. Beside, she adds such a personal touch to American Hits, you’ll be surprised! For sure a Rising Star!

Did you know we had “Badass” in France?

Chris & Lo’

Chris & Lo’ is a surprising acoustic duo. Together they go to the heart of Blues, Soul, Rock and Pop standards adapting them to fit their own style: simple yet rich, spicy yet authentic.Chris & Lo'

Their genuine friendship and great sense of show take you aboard their performance in a blink of an eye!High ranked musicians without an ounce of pretension! Perfect illustration of the Voilà Tour spirit…

A unique concept with multiple talentsVoilà Tour, a new form of entertainment !

The Voilagers recognized talented professional artists, are traveling all the way from France to perform for many kinds of events at numerous and diversified venues (concerts, exhibitions, gastronomy and wine…).

Voilà Tour is designed to be a great opportunity to share and learn from our different cultures.

Voilà Tour is fun, artistic and tasty! Don’t miss the fun, food & music!